Abandoning Church membership

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Membership has it’s privileges. For decades American Express reminded us. You pay their annual fee, you get their perks. This is the base-line concept of membership for Americans. For generations membership in a local church meant something else. You were committed to Continue reading

When to Hire an outsider

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When moving towards a new hire the first decision is often the most critical: Hire from the inside or outside your current church family? Many church leaders have lost sleep (or hair) evaluating their options and deciding if an external Continue reading

Necessary Generosity

Victims queue for food and water in the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban
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This past Sunday, Lifepointe Church gave away all of our offering to help those in the Philippines devastated by typhoon Haiyan last week. All of it. We made the decision because we were deeply troubled by the lost lives, but Continue reading

Bathroom tissue and early church trump cards

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A recent blog post about toilet paper made me think about the early church. I know that sentence is a non sequitur at first glance, but bear with me. It’s not as big a leap as you may believe. Todd Rhodes Continue reading

Year one Adventure

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This month I finished my first year at my new role at Lifepointe Church. It is hard to imagine that just 12 months ago I was walking into this new team and trying to find ways to contribute. Jesus has Continue reading